Löfbergs are not afraid to rock the boat, and constantly have new ideas on how to make changes to their websites. Jajja has a close cooperation with Löfbergs, where we act as a sounding board as well as handle the resource development.

When it comes to the web production, we currently put the major focus on to continuously develop all the websites of the Löfbergs Group: lofbergs.sekobbs.sebryggudden.com and abanderslofberg.com. For those sites, we have also done the design and development.

Initially Jajja also developed an e-learning tool – Löfbergs e-Academy where they offer seminars to learn about coffee remotely.

Also, we continuously work with the tracking and reporting of static data that is the basis for improvement on the lofbergs.se site. Jajja is responsible for the operation of all sites, to make sure they have the highest possible technical performance under the contract of Operation and maintenance.

– Our website has received a major boost through the collaboration with Jajja. They are efficient and cost-conscious, both in terms of SEO optimization and web development, says Sandra Lyxell, Marketing Communicator at Löfbergs.


Increased traffic from Google organic search results


Increased conversion rate