is an online store specializing in quality tools at competitive prices, for both private individuals as well as companies. already had some basic SEO skills before the cooperation began and they had actively worked to improve their visibility on Google for a year, but the results had not materialized.

– The Cooperation with Jajja is still in its infancy and we look forward to future results and increased cooperation. We already have an incredibly steady upward trend both on the revenue side, as well as the visibility of organic hits. And despite our size, we are climbing the ranks on a number of strategically important keywords, according to Alexander Eriksson at

The cooperation with Jajja has increased Verktygshandlarn’s traffic from Google’s organic listings by 251 percent, and also the average order value by 383 percent. In addition, there is a 252 percent increase in transactions and an increased conversion rate of 125 percent.

– We feel safe with Jajja, as they have expertise in all areas imaginable and they have become an important sounding board for us. They are transparent in their work and work in a modern fashion and with the future in mind. In addition, we as the customer still own all the work they do, which was an important reason why we chose Jajja, says Alexander Eriksson.


Increased traffic from Google organic search results


Increased average order value


Increased transactions


Increased conversion rate