Advertising in Social Media

Social media has become an obvious medium for marketing and communication for most companies and organizations. These are perfect platforms for dialogue and discussion, and opportunities to build strong brands and relationships are great.

For many people around the world, social media has become a natural part of everyday life. For example, 64 percent of Sweden’s population use Facebook. 50 percent do it every day. Sweden has 5.2 million active Facebook users and on average they use the platform 14 times per day! To be a part of and to advertise in social media, is like being one with your target audience. But social media is more than just Facebook. Today you can also advertise on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Take advantage of your followers

People love to share things they like. This means that if you manage to engage people with your content, it can spread very quickly and be exposed to very many people, thanks to other users. Being active in social media is also about making sure you are up to date with things. Partly to be where the action is, and partly to keep up with what’s happening. News and current events spread quickly.

We take care of your advertising

For companies and organizations it is vital to keep up with the debate concerning one’s business and brand. With a well thought out advertising it may influence the topic of conversation. If you are not present to discuss topics related to your business, while your competitors are doing it, there will be a great risk that audiences choose your competitors instead of you.

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