Animated movie

To tell your special story about a product or app, an animated film is an effective tool. Visitors get to see your product or service and the different functions and can get a description of a narrator or graphic text. For an app, you can then display the different functions and how the app works in a true and moving way, very different from how it would show the app or site with static images.

However, there are several ways to present products with a product film. For example, you can do it easily and efficiently by shooting someone who holds the product and describes its functions and features. Another way is to shoot it from different angles or make the product spin while the camera is recording. The use of good lighting and post processing makes the result professional and brilliant.

So much more than just animated text.

We can also assist with more sophisticated animations with everything from characters to photo-realistic images that are more in depth and produced with 3D technology. This may include intersections of technical or 3D maps.

On Jajja Media Group, we have every film literacy in the house and do not need to hire consultants to complete your movie. We shoot, edit, and take care of the entire work process from beginning to end.

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