Commercial videos spread your message

Commercials are very powerful in marketing. The combination of moving images and sound often affect people very strongly.

A commercial can be used in many different ways and within different channels. You can, for example, allow your film to broadcast on TV and in the cinema or play it on your website, in the exhibition stand, on big screens and on shop shelves. Today you can also, thanks to the internet and YouTube, very easily and cost effectively spread the information and advertise your company, your product or service via digital channels.

A feature movie can spread very widely by means such as Facebook, Twitter and other social media, as media users can share and distribute the film on to users in their network and so on.

From concept to finished video – we are here all the way

The media of film is also a powerful way to build your brand awareness. A commercial is based mostly on creating positive feelings about the product or the company with the help of pictures, music and action. Your film can be made in many different ways. For example, we can mix in a lot of humor, or let it be fact based. We can also let it allude to strong feelings or incorporate a celebrity. You may want to have a combination of everything? We help you throughout the entire production process – from idea to finished film.

Are you interested in how you can use video in your marketing?

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