Work process & pricing

Today it is possible to produce films with “High Production Value” at a very reasonable price. We always work with fixed prices in our productions without compromising on quality.

Everything we do has to be top notch, so we can not offer a made up bundle, as we must be able to tailor productions. Therefore, we work with a process and pricing that has payment intervals 1 to 3, which allows you to feel secure and to have a clear expectation of what is to be delivered.

This is how we describe our work and pricing

Briefing from the customer about the movie they want to make, aims, expectations and budget.

Start up/Pre-production
Idea and concept and, if necessary, a strategy to be developed and presented.
Payment Interval 1. 25% of the offered/budgeted price will be invoiced.

When you decide to go ahead after we present the idea and concept, we will start our filming and production, depending on the type of film we produce. Payment Interval 2. 25% of the total offered/budgeted price will be invoiced.

The film is edited and presented. Audio/music that has been selected, as well as mix and potential voice-over, is added – a proposal of music is presented during the pre-production stage.

Final editing, colors, graphics, and a final post-production is presented. Delivery and launch of the film
Payment Interval 3. Final payment for production.

What Google say about Jajja Media Group

“In Sweden there are four qualified Google Premium Partners. Our Premium Partner Jajja Media Group meet Google’s highest standards of expertise, customer support and has a unique knowledge and diverse expertise”