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Search engine optimization can very well be one of your primary investments. It is all about working with search engines’ organic results, which consists of all the results that are not linked to any ad. The search engines’ quality requirements are constantly increasing, and at the same time it also increases the demands on the SEO.

We often divide the search engine optimization into three elements – analysis, on page and linking strategy. With regards to the analysis part, it is all about finding the most profitable search terms based on influencing factors such as competition and relevance.
On page is about all the elements that can be changed on the website, such as headings and quality of the texts.
Link Strategy includes to get links included on the website.

We optimize your website

Jajja have great competence when it comes to all elements within search engine optimization. We can help you develop your most profitable search terms and build your website the right way. We will also help you create a strong organic content and write search engine optimized texts for your site. We can also help you to make your your website responsive, so it works equally well on a computer as it does on a mobile or tablet. Google rewards responsive websites and mobile-friendliness is a ranking factor that is very important today.

With organic content, we mean the content you create, such as your website, your blog or your accounts in social media. Basically, it is about creating content that is so strong and engaging for your audience, it ultimately leads to you gaining more business. But it is also about methodical and long-term work with your content so that you are given a high rank in the search.

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