Ensure targets are met and measure the impact with analysis

As a certified specialists we are greeted daily by the major flaws in the analyses we perform. Ensure that you get the effect you want with your digital presence. We are working closely with Google, so we are up to date on any changes that occur. As a Google Premium Partner, we meet their highest standards of excellence with a unique level of expertise and diverse knowledge.

Analysis of your AdWords campaigns

Make sure your Adwords campaigns do not have major flaws. As certified specialists we are greeted daily by adwords campaigns with major weaknesses. Let Jajja’s certified specialists develop concrete proposals for improvements that maximize the profitability of your campaigns.

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Analysis for those looking to adopt digital advertising

We will explain which channels you should prioritise in your advertising, your budget recommendations, your relevant keywords to maximize profitability, which of your competitors appear where you want to be seen, campaign and ad suggestions and much more. As certified specialists we dayly recognise campaigns that have major flaws. Jajja has a ...

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