Your start towards a smarter and more effective advertising starts with Jajja Advertising Analysis

We will explain which channels you should prioritise in your advertising, your budget recommendations, your relevant keywords to maximize profitability, which of your competitors appear where you want to be seen, campaign and ad suggestions and much more. As certified specialists we dayly recognise campaigns that have major flaws. Jajja has a 43% increased profitability on average after Jajja took over the campaigns. The analysis provides valuable information with practical recommendations for success from the start.

This is included in Jajja Advertising Analysis

Keyword Analysis

We suggest relevant keywords to maximize the return of your advertising.

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Competitor Analysis

We provide information about your competitor’s campaigns report if their adverts are appearing where you want to be seen.


Campaign & Ad suggestions

We structure and assist you with your campaign and ads suggestions to maximize your return on advertising spend.

Website Recommendations

We recommend any necessary changes to your website in order to optimize the Quality Score and return.

Recommended channels

We recommend the channels you should prioritize in your advertising.


Jajja’s analysists are experts at providing strategic advice on how to make use of retargeting in your advertising.

Budget Recommendations

Jajja’s analyists are experts at providing realistic budget suggestions for your digital advertising.

Conversion Possibilities

Relevant and realistic expectations and conversion possibilities for your digital advertising.

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What Google say about Jajja Media Group

“In Sweden there are four qualified Google Premium Partners. Our Premium Partner Jajja Media Group meet Google’s highest standards of expertise, customer support and has a unique knowledge and diverse expertise”