Marketing Automation monitors, guides and manages the leads

Marketing automation is the use of different software to streamline marketing and to facilitate lead management in a cost effective manner.

You will spark interest and capture the buy signals. With a well thought out conversion strategy you can capture information about your visitors by creating different types of commitment targets, where visitors can download white papers, publications, CV or create a test account, register for a newsletter, or similar activities.

With Marketing Automation you can capture and nurture your potential customers until they are ready to purchase

The system will establish a user profile which will monitor and analyze visitor’s electronic footprints, which will be awarded with points depending on the visitor’s moves. Through this scoring system we can keep track of where in the buying process a lead currently is and which visitors are relevant to you.

With automation you let the system do the work for you. For example, you can create an automation that sends an email to all prospects who visited a specific page, to those who created a test account or similar. Other prospects who reach a certain lead score in the award scheme can be set up to be approached by a salesperson.

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