What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising is a powerful tool in marketing because the process that previously gave alot of headaches, is now fully automated.

With dynamic ads and target-driven advertising, which the industry calls programmatic advertising, you get a more advanced method to advertise effectively, profitably and with better targeting.

Dynamic ads in real time without human intervention

With dynamic ads we mean the computerized production of advertisements in real time without human intervention. For example, a site owner would put up a new offer on their site, and seconds later you will see advertising campaigns elsewhere, without any need for a call to the graphics designer or sellers. Computerized ad production follows the rules and strategies that we humans decide prematurely, and these rules are designed to cut costs and increase revenue.

Target-driven advertising

With target-based advertising, we mean that all visitors who visited a specific product/service category on a website, automatically will be shown ads from this site with the specific product/service category that he or she looked at, and this goes for up to 80% of all media. The technical name for this target driven and pursuing advertising is remarketing or retargeting. Target-driven advertising can be targeted to specific audiences based on the audience data.

Although programmatic advertising is mostly automated, it still needs human creativity and the instinctive feeling of success. Are you interested in knowing more about the programmatic and target-driven advertising for your business? Please contact us to book an initial meeting!

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