Let us take care of your website

Do you honestly look after your website as you should? Your website is the hub of your marketing. Our mission is to continually find ways to generate more relevant traffic, fewer dropouts and more completions on your website.

Our Google certified SEO specialists will create, together with our production department, a smart and modern solution for your website, which puts you at the top of Google’s search listings. It drives traffic to your website, optimize your sales and converts cold visit to hot leads. Whatever the business, we will make your website profitable.

Your website is the heart of your communications

With Jajja Media Group, you get a strong graphic identity with a clear message to enhance the experience for your audience and to generate more relevant visitors. This leads to more business opportunities.

All our web production is responsive, so it is suitable for both computer, mobile and tablet. Mobile-friendly sites are today additionally rewarded by Google and is constantly getting a higher ranking factor

We take care of your entire website

We always work as a team when we produce websites. With us you will find specialists for all areas of your website. Our web strategists develop structures and ideas for features, which will make the site support search needs and lead to more business.

Our developers will take care of everything behind your website and our designers will make sure everything looks nice on the front, for your customers to see. Our copywriters will write texts that express your message and increases your chances to end up high in Google’s organic search results.

Would you like our help with your website? Contact us on +971 56 339 0097 or email info@jajja.com and we will explain further what we can offer you.

This is what we do


For a successful digital solution, we need to fully understand your business, your business strategy and your communication.

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Keyword Analysis

Our Google Certified Specialists will conduct a keyword analysis, which along with the interview is the basis of the strategy our web strategists put togehter for your new website.

Sitemap and Strategy

Our certified web strategy and SEO specialists set a strategy for optimal navigation, search tools and conversions.

Design and Development

Our designers develop a responsive design that makes your website look great and also is adapted to all types of browsers based on the strategy and page structure we have developed.


Our web copywriting specialists write texts appropriate for search engines, which gives the best results for your most traffic driving keywords.

Implementation of Photos and Text

We fill your website with your data and imagery from Google's guidelines to help Google find, index and rank your site.


Cms, Operation and Management

Your new website is developed on the WordPress platform. We take care of the operation with high performing servers with ongoing security, version and pluggin updates.

After Launch

We work very closely with our customers even after launch, as we then continue with the important work. The the monthly price for the service includes a number of hours per year for ongoing updates.

Web development

We create websites that are engaging and gives you the digital edge.

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Responsive website

Customize your website for your visitor's needs and increase your visibility on Google.

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Web design

Our designers develop a web design tailored to attract your target audience.

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Web strategy

Our certified web strategists and SEO specialists create a strategy for optimal navigation, search tools and conversions.

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