Web design that reflects your business

Web design means that we create a graphic expression that reflects our clients’ operations and enhances their brand. Each design will be adapted to attract the audience that the website should communicate with.

A website has several features that require web design. To create the site’s features and details is what we call Interaction Design. How the site’s content is divided and linked within itself, we call Information Design. These elements are important in the early design stage, to provide good conditions for the search engine optimization. The important thing is to know that everything is connected and will influence each other to form a entirety that must work together. All the way from the drawing board to the finished site.

Web design that focus on the user

Web design also relates to building a good website, to make it user friendly. The user experience must come first. Depending on the site’s purpose, we create a design that meets all your requirements and expectations.

Our certified web strategists and SEO specialists set a strategy for optimal navigation, search tool and conversions. We identify goals, objectives, structure, function, important keywords, audiences and conversion opportunities.

We are behind you all the way

Our designers develop a responsive design that makes your website look great and the site will be adapted to all types of browsers from mobile phones to tablets and computers, based on the strategy and page structure that our web strategists and SEO specialists have developed.

Would you like our help with your website? Contact us on +971 56 339 0097 or email info@jajja.com and we will explain further what we can offer you.