Web development from scratch

To create a website with a strong base that reflexts your business and reality, it is wise to start from scratch.

The working process of a feasibility study for web development starts with an interview. In this conversation with you, we will gain information about your business needs, objectives, identity, target groups and overall business goals. Based on this interview, we can then lay the foundation for your new website.

Web development based on your goals

However, before we begin your web development, we also need to make a situation analysis in which we look at the competition and identifies the opportunities for your website. Aims, objectives and keyword analysis will be produced together with you to make your website as optimal as possible.

To give your new website the best conditions to become what you want it to be, our SEO specialists and web strategists will develop a strategy that includes the content, the structure and the message that will engage and interest your corporate clients.

Get a quote for the web development

Once this is done, it is time for the next step in your web development. Our designers begin the process of developing design suggestions for your new website. A design should reflect your identity, clarify your message and be easily made to communicate how visitors interact with the website.

Finally, we present our work to you. The feasibility study and design proposal is then used as the basis for a quotation and, after that the production of your website.

Would you like our help with your website? Contact us on +971 56 339 0097 or email info@jajja.com and we will explain further what we can offer you.