A long and evolving employment with Jajja Media Group

Are you looking for a new challenge or the opportunity a new position would give? You have come to the right place. Within Jajja Media Group you have every opportunity to make a career, thanks to the continuous growth and the broad spectrum of careers that exist within this company, which has many different business areas.

Employees are the most important resource

Within Jajja Media Group we employ people with different backgrounds and skills. Together we create opportunities and get results, which allows Jajja Media Group to continue to develop and grow.
In the competition on the digital market it is important to keep an eye on the opportunities available and to choose the right marketing that leads to great results. Jajja Media Group’s line of business requires that the organization continuously develop their skills.

We are confident that the skilled and motivated employees are one of the key success factors and therefore we continuously work on skills development and we make sure to invest in our employees in order to create a long term relationship. Our aim is to take advantage of the expertise that exists within the organization.

Within Jajja Media Group there are about a hundred employees, all with different backgrounds. Many have made an interesting journey as they have had many different roles within the organization.

What Google say about Jajja Media Group

“In Sweden there are four qualified Google Premium Partners. Our Premium Partner Jajja Media Group meet Google’s highest standards of expertise, customer support and has a unique knowledge and diverse expertise”